Major League Baseball Free Agent Activity

mlb trade As the NFL moves into Week Thirteen, and as the NBA continues the marathon that they call a season, Major League Baseball players are resting up after a grueling 162-game schedule, but free agent activity is not resting at all.

Unlike most years when activity is in neutral until the Winter Meetings, there have been a number of trades already in Major League Baseball, and even more signings, with the Seattle Mariners leading the way with four trades to date.

Still, the top five MLB free agents remain on the board.  David Price, Zack Greinke, Chris Davis, Jason Heyward and Justin Upton are all still available for the right price and/or trade, and most likely will remain available until the executives get together for their annual Winter Meetings December 6-10 in Nashville.

It is always hard to tell what is going to happen at the Winter Meetings.  Oftentimes they are simply an opportunity for teams to gauge how serious other clubs are about trades and to test the waters regarding price.  Other times trades happen quickly and often during the five days of meetings.  If the pre-meeting flurry of activity is any indication then the Winter Meetings should produce some serious action and quite a few players will be facing relocation two months before Spring Training begins.

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