How to Find the Best Moving Company

Fun Beach Gear Small It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?  You find out you have to relocate.  You need your possessions moved to a new city.  You assume that all major moving companies are basically the same, so you select one at random.

And then the problems begin!

All moving companies are not the same.  They all move furniture and other possessions, but that is where the similarity ends.  Knowing this fact, and knowing what to do about it, will save you headaches and quite possibly money “down the road.”  Here are some things to consider:

  • Get referrals from friends, family or business associates. Do your diligent research early on. Call around and ask those you trust who they used and how was their experience.
  • Run a comparison of the different moving companies. Ask each what is covered and what their fees are based on.  Find out what their basic services are, and what services will cost extra.
  • Plan your move. Label everything according to where it will go in the new home i.e. kitchen, main bedroom, den, bedroom #2.  This will help with the efficiency of the move and quite possibly will affect the fees.
  • Check on insurance coverage. What is the mover responsible for? What type of insurance do they have, and what do you already have?
  • Check with your real estate agent of your relocation agent and get their input and suggestions. They are in the moving business; their input should be valuable.

Bottom line: all moving companies are not the same. Armed with that information, you can save yourself a mountain of headaches by following these simple guidelines.

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