Who Will Be Buyers and Sellers at MLB Trade Deadline?

mlb trade Three weeks to go before the MLB trade deadline!  Three weeks for teams to decide whether their seasons are a bust and they  are going to sell off players, or whether they still have a chance for the playoffs and they are going to buy up players.

Looking at the standings right now, there are very few teams not named Philadelphia that are obvious busts.  Even the Seattle Mariners, picked by many to win it all but still languishing below .500, are only five games out of the Wild Card spot right now.  So who should buy and who should sell?

Several factors are weighed by baseball executives as July rolls on.  Let’s look at a few of those factors.

  • Injuries happen to every team. There is no way to avoid it.  A team has to decide, in July, whether the injuries they currently have will come back to help them in time.
  • How far back are you? More importantly, how many teams are ahead of you in the divisional races.  Making up five games is not difficult, but passing five teams is considerably more difficult.
  • Does a team have any viable athlete they can trade? There are some teams burdened with heavy contracts of aging stars.  No way they trade those contracts.  There are some teams with poor farm systems.  A trade has to be interesting for both parties.
  • How does your future look? If this is your best chance of making the playoffs in the near future, you may be more motivated to make a deal that will help your team now! If you have a great success rate of making the playoffs, maybe you start building for next year now and not worry about this year.
  • What is your gut telling you? Do you trust the players you have? Do you trust your scouting system? Do you have a gut feeling that everything will be okay if you just hold the cards you’ve been dealt?

All of these considerations and ore go into the final decision to buy or sell.  With three weeks to go, there are easily twenty teams still in the hunt, and that means many long nights of meetings between now and the end of July.  It should be interesting.

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