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The unique needs of professional athletes and entertainers can only be met by professionals who understand those needs and have experience in meeting any challenge.  In the Los Angeles area there are two companies that thrive on meeting those needs and accepting any challenge.  They understand the life of a professional athlete/entertainer, they have built reputations based on integrity and honesty, and they have a proven track record of exceptional work. is in business to take the worry out of career moves that are a natural part of sports and entertainment.  Whether it be a trade to a new NBA city, a two-month location shoot for a major motion picture, or a two-week stay in Atlanta in preparation for The Masters golf tournament, the pros at are ready to make that transition a stress-free experience. 

Ikem Chukumerije, CEO/President of, has been a leader in the luxury real estate market in the Los Angeles area for years and recently became a licensed agent in Nevada as well.  During his years of selling luxury homes to the rich and famous, he became aware of the particular and unique needs of athletes and entertainers.  Sensing that there was a distinct need for more personalized service, Ikem started his company  

The agents at speak with prospective clients, find out what they need in order for their relocation to go smoothly, and then use their contacts in the financial and real estate world to meet those needs.  Short-term housing for movie shoots, tournaments, or just a prolonged vacation, is provided.  Transportation of possessions is arranged, acquisition of luxury vehicles and private jet service is accomplished, and all insurance and financial concerns are taken care of.  

Chad and Girls

The Wright sisters began Y.E.S Productions & Concierge Services on the principles of trust and high ethics.  With years of experience in the luxury Beverly Hills/Hollywood scene, they are determined to meet the needs of the rich and famous 24/7 365 days per year and they are highly successful at what they do.  Their list of services includes but are not limited to the following: concierge services, event planning, errands, household management, appointment setting, date reminders, event staffing, personal assistants, and nightlife planning and reservations.  Their client list reads like a Who’s Who of professional athletes and entertainers and that could only be accomplished if the Wright sisters, Mena, Yani, and Shantee, continue to meet the needs of their clients.  And they do!

Two companies, both founded on the principles of trust and high ethics, stand waiting to serve the superstars of American society.  Visit their websites at and to find out what many pros already know and count on when special needs arise.

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