- Clothing for the Stars: G. Pierce Delivers Quality

 Mention the words G. Pierce Bespoke to any professional athlete or entertainer and chances are they will know immediately what you are talking about.  Located in Los Angeles, t his fine clothier makes custom clothing for some of the big names in entertainment and sports including Jerry West, Brandon Rush, James Lafferty,  Arian Foster, Kris Humphries, Jordan Crawford, and Stephen Colletti. Owner Benjamin Straub says that the company is named for his grandfather, Pierce Bitker, who began in the clothing business in Milwaukee shortly after WWII.  The fine tradition established then continues today with custom-made suits and shirts made of the finest material.

Custom Clothing by G. Pierce

Each item of clothing is made with the customer in mind and each is made from scratch. This fine establishment offers nationwide service; the professionals at G. Pierce will come to the customer if necessary to provide the most personalized service in the clothing industry.

Remember the name G. Pierce if nothing short of excellence is what you expect in life.

And remember the name if you are an athlete or entertainer facing relocation.  It is a fact of life in pro sports and entertainment that relocation will happen often in your career.  Whether it be a trade to a new team or a movie shoot in a new location, details must be handled regarding the move and details are what is all about.  The professionals at Sports Relocation will handle all of your needs, from obtaining luxury housing to exquisite automobiles to private jet service.  We are affiliated nationwide and through our professional contacts in banking, financing, and real estate there is nothing you can ask for that we cannot handle.

The truly amazing part of our service is that it is absolutely free to our customers.  Give us a call, tell us exactly what your needs are, and we will eliminate those needs so that all you have to do is concentrate on your career.  We are located in Beverly Hills, we have been established in the real estate business for many years, we have the contacts, and we are truly professionals in our own field.  After all, shouldn’t professionals be called to handle the needs of other professionals?

So remember, for your clothing needs visit G. Pierce at and for your relocation needs visit  Professionals in the business to serve professionals.

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