Luxury Real Estate Options in New York

new york Keeping track of luxury real estate options is just one of the many balls we juggle constantly at  When we are contacted by a professional athlete who is facing athlete relocation, as we were this past weekend, we are asked to do a variety of things, and we are expected to do them well and quickly.

In this particular case, our client was relocating to New York City, and he inquired about luxury real estate options.  We walked him over to our computer and showed him a former Vanderbilt property in the Hamptons selling for $28 million.  We also showed him luxury rentals at the BKLYN Air’s apartments, with rental prices in the $8,500 per month range, and we were also able to point to the Forest Hills luxury condo building opening this fall.  We did all that in a matter of ten minutes.

The point is this:  New York City offers a wide variety of homes, condos, townhouses, and luxury suites for any athlete facing athlete relocation.  From short-term housing to long-term housing, in every imaginable price range, New York City has it all, and at, our job is to be aware of it all in the sports real estate market.  Luxury real estate is a very special niche in the real estate field, and your best decision would be to work with a relocation expert who specializes in luxury real estate.

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