MLB Trade Deadline and Relocation

mlb Just when it looked like no deals would be done, twelve came and went in rapid succession this summer, and now the MLB trade deadline is over for another year.

This is a great opportunity to explain to you all how athlete relocation works during trade periods like this one.  The season is still underway, which means the athlete has some rather serious issues to contend with, and he must contend with those issues while playing the game.  So, how does this pro athlete relocation process occur?

The player is notified of the trade and told to report to his new team in 24 hours.  He has time to pack a bag and make flight arrangements to meet his new team.  All that can be taken care of in a matter of a couple hours, but what about all the rest?  Where will he live in the new city?  What happens with all of his possessions?  What about his vehicles?  He’s going to be living in his new city for half of the playing season.  He needs transportation.  He needs short-term or permanent housing.  And he needs to make a decision about the home he previously lived in.

Enter, the professional athlete relocation experts.

The athlete contacts our office and we either have a phone conference or we arrange to meet at his convenience.  He tells us what he needs us to do.  We ask all the pertinent questions, a contract is signed, and then the athlete is left with only one responsibility, to play the sport he loves.  We handle all the rest, and we do it discreetly, professionally, and quickly.

Relocation has never been easier.  Find out for yourself.  Give us a call and let handle all of your relocation needs.

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