NFL Preseason Camps Prepare for Cuts

nfl We are only one week into the NFL Preseason Camps and already players are being shuffled and/or released.  This will continue for four more weeks as teams attempt to find the perfect fit for 53 players.

All teams can carry a maximum of 90 players in early preseason camps.  That number can be carried through the first three preseason games, which this year are scheduled on these dates:

  • 1st Preseason Game August 13-17 with exception of Kickoff game August 9th
  • 2nd Preseason Game August 20-24
  • 3rd Preseason Game August 27-30

Shortly after the third preseason game, all teams must whittle their rosters down to 75 players.  One more week of camp follows and then the all-important fourth preseason game occurs.  This is the last chance for coaches to watch bubble players perform before the final decision is made.  This year, the 4th preseason game is being held from September 3-4, and a day after that game, all teams must be down to the final number of 53 players to begin the regular season.

During this entire process players are being released, assigned to practice squads or are picked up by other teams.  Injuries happen, of course, necessitating instant changes in rosters.  The four weeks of August truly are a whirlwind of actions and athlete relocations, and usually, for most teams, it doesn’t stop there.  Injuries and player personnel changes happen quite often during the regular season, so it would be quite accurate to say that athlete relocation is a reality in the NFL from the first week of August all the way to the Super Bowl.

Are you ready for some football?

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