Choosing the Right Neighborhood During Relocation

9 Ashcroft Backyard Let’s talk for a few minutes about choosing the right neighborhood when buying a home.

The athlete relocation process goes something like this.  An athlete is traded or signs on somewhere as a free agent.  The first order of business is to fly him/her to their new city.  Then temporary housing is established, some short-term solution that will take care of their immediate needs.

Eventually talks begin regarding long-term housing.  Everyone has a mental checklist of the type of home they would like to live in. On that list might be an open-air design, large entertaining room, outdoor open space, a swimming pool, and so on.  Also in that thought process should be what type of neighborhood do you want to live in.

How do you choose the right neighborhood?  Consider these practical steps.

  • What are you looking for in a perfect neighborhood? What would you want that neighborhood to have?
  • Now, make a list of the neighborhoods in that city that match up to your needs and wants.
  • Find a real estate agent familiar with those neighborhoods and ask questions. Do research online.  Gather as much data  as possible and narrow down your list.
  • Go visit each neighborhood and find out how they feel to you. Trust in your senses at this stage.  How are they visually?  What are their vibes?
  • Once you have chosen your neighborhood, begin searching for the perfect home in that neighborhood.

Following these guidelines can greatly help while choosing the right neighborhood.

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