Planning for the Financial Future

IMG_2320-e1404177031976 2014 is coming to a close, and that, of course, means all eyes turn to the New Year and what lies ahead.

If relocation is a possibility, and let’s face it, if you are a professional athlete then relocation is always a possibility, then now is the time for some forward thinking regarding your finances and living arrangements.

The greatest item to consider as you look ahead is what kind of income you will be looking at for 2015.  Are you in a state of flux?  Do you know where you will be playing next season?  Is a trade a possibility?  Is this a free agent year for you, and are you looking at moving to a new team?  Perhaps you just signed a long-term contract and relocation is not in your immediate future.

These are considerations that must be looked at.  If you are currently leasing, would it make better financial sense to purchase?  If you own, but relocation is a distinct possibility, would you be better off selling and then leasing?

Work with financial planning professionals and establish a game plan for 2015.  Work with real estate professionals and know exactly what kind of market decisions you need to make.  With a little forward planning, you stand a good chance of saving and/or making millions of dollars.

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