Taking the First Offer on Luxury Real Estate Sale

juniper Selling luxury real estate can sometimes boil down to a gut feeling.

How’s that for an unsettling statement?  A decision that could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it sometimes is made on the basis of a hunch!

Consider this scenario:  you put your home up for sale.  It is luxury real estate, worth millions, and you are eager to relocate and be done with this selling process.  You have spruced up your home, made some improvements and repairs, found the right real estate broker, and finally it is on the market.  Then the first offer comes in, and you are naturally excited, except the offer is a bit below what you were asking.  What do you do?  Do you take the lower offer or do you hold out in hopes that someone will offer what you are asking?

Ask any real estate agent and they can tell you a story of a client who refused that first good offer, waiting for a better offer, and the offer never came.  That is the horror scenario, and it happens more often than you might like to know.

So what do you do?

You trust your real estate agent.  He is the one who has access to data concerning the market.  He is the one who knows what those types of properties are selling for and how many of those properties are available.  Yes it would be nice to “get what you’re asking,” but it might be very prudent to take a little less and move on with your life.

Trust your real estate agent and trust your gut!

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