- A Potpourri of Sports Observations And Relocation

Some random thoughts concerning the current sports scene.

THE NBA:  The Anaheim city council unanimously approved a $75 million bond Tuesday to lure the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim.  The bond will be used to upgrade the Honda Center, build a new practice court and locker rooms, working capital for moving costs, and relocation fees to the NBA’s other teams.

April 18th is the deadline date for the Kings to file for relocation, but all indications have them moving to Anaheim shortly after the end of the NBA season and beginning next year as the Anaheim Royals.  Looks like there will be some NBA players house hunting in the very near future in the Los Angeles area.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL:  Teams have left Arizona and Florida as Spring Training comes to an end.  The regular season begins March 31 and April 1st for all teams.  Rosters have been finalized with each team adding new players, dropping some old, and settling on the 25 players who will begin the season.

As with all teams each and every year, new players will be on the roster, whether because of trade or moving up from the minor leagues, and that means decisions regarding relocation for many Major League players.

THE NFL:  Draft day is rapidly approaching.  On April 28-30 thirty-two teams will draft college players in hopes of improving their teams.  First round selections will see multi-million dollar contracts and then the adjustment to a new life will begin and the first adjustment will be relocating.

Teams will be taking aim at the Green Bay Packers in hopes of making it to the Super Bowl next year, and the draft selections that these teams make could be the difference between a great season or a disappointing one.

Whether it be a NBA team moving to a new city, new players making the MLB roster, or new draft picks in the NFL, relocation will be a major consideration for many professional athletes.  Finding first temporary housing and eventually permanent housing, moving possessions and vehicles, leasing needed items until the permanent move is made, talking to bankers and lawyers and financial experts, all of these concerns and more face a professional athlete faced with a move to a new city.

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