- In search of sleep: Derek Jeter rents quieter apartment

For many Americans, the amount of $15,500 represents a down payment on a house.

But for New York Yankees star Derek Jeter(notes), it's just a small price to pay for a good month's sleep.

Despite the fact he already owns a $20 million condo in the same building, Jeter is now renting a two-bedroom, three-bath condo in Trump World Tower because he can't get any beauty sleep in his old pad, the New York Post reports.

From the NY Post:

We hear that a neighbor's noisy construction ... was hampering the star shortstop's crucial rest. So Jeter signed a lease for a 2,087-square-foot corner pad away from the racket to ensure some serious shut-eye during baseball season.

What, he didn't want to crash with Alex Rodriguez(notes) and Cameron Diaz at his teammate's new place? Popcorn feeding isn't that loud.

As you might remember, Jeter's original apartment is on the market as he prepares to move into his new "St. Jetersburg" mansion down in Florida. Can't imagine that the thought of whirring saws and banging hammers will entice the finicky rich folks I routinely see on HGTV's "Selling New York." (Yes, it's my guilty pleasure when it comes to television.)

Alas, we've yet to see any positive results from Jeter's unique real estate situation as he marches toward 3,000 hits. Through four games, he's hitting .143 (2 for 14) and has already ditched the swing revamp that we were told about all spring.

Carrying two mortgages and a lease must really weigh on a man.

By 'Duk

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