- NFL Lockout Appears To Be Over; Let the Games Begin.

Players Expected To Sign Off on Agreement Today

The long-awaited day has finally arrived.  FOOTBALL FANS REJOICE!  It appears certain that the NFL Lockout, which has dragged on since March and was the first NFL work stoppage since 1987, will finally end today.  The NFL Players Association’s executive committee was expected to meet this morning to scrutinize the finalized agreement and then all that is left is for the players to vote for approval, which is expected to happen.

If all goes according to plan teams will be able to begin signing 2011 draft picks by tomorrow and conversations with veteran free agents can also start tomorrow with signings of those players possible beginning Friday.

It is also being reported that training camps can be opened for ten teams on Wednesday, ten on Thursday, ten on Friday and the last two teams on Sunday.  One last legal hurdle will have to be taken care of as the players also need to vote to re-establish the NFLPA as a union.

It is rumored that the annual league revenues will be divided in a 53% owners/47% players split over the next decade and there will be a salary cap per-club of approximately $120 million.  Also expected will be a way to curb spending on first-round draft picks and unrestricted free agency after four years.

So what does all of this mean?  Well, for the fan it means football will happen this year and for at least the next ten years.  For players it means the very real possibility of relocation in the next week.  Normal years will see the number of free agents changing jobs numbered in the teens; this year the number could easily approach one hundred and that is a lot of relocating.  And not just that but players already under contract and rookies all have to pack their bags and get ready to head to their team city to begin the season.  This is truly going to be one hectic and unsettling week for the players and for team executives as they jockey about trying to sign one of the many free agents on the market.

We at have been anxiously awaiting this agreement because our job has been in limbo as the labor negotiations dragged on.  Now it is time for us at to put on our game faces and get ready to help in relocating these professional athletes.  We will begin fielding phone calls shortly and start arranging flights, transportation, temporary lodging, and begin finding permanent lodging for our loyal customers.

It is an exciting time for sports fans and for us at  Give us a call and let us take away the apprehension.  You are a pro in football.  We are the pros in relocation.

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