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Training Camps Open Starting Tomorrow

Crazy is the only word that can properly describe what is about to happen in the National Football League.  Now that an agreement has been reached between owners and the NFLPA, deadlines have been set that literally mean thousands of players need to relocate within the week.

Ten teams open training camp Wednesday; ten more on Thursday, ten more on Friday, and two will open on Sunday.  For those of you into numbers here is the black and white of it:  There are 32 teams in the NFL.  Each team can carry 53 players plus five on a practice squad, meaning that 1,696 players need to relocate by Sunday.

The next question is where will they be moving to because there are literally 1,000 veterans, draft picks, and unsigned rookies that need to be signed and under contract.  So, of the 1,696 players a full one-thousand of them don’t know which team they will be playing for but even that is inaccurate because teams were allowed to begin free agent signings at seven a.m. this morning so really all 1,696 of the existing NFL players can’t be sure where they are moving to and a number of them will go to training camp only to be traded and have to relocate again within the week.

Think about that for a second: not only will all players be relocating this week but there are literally hundreds who could be relocating twice this week.

This is a travel agent’s best case scenario, a player’s worst nightmare, and for the fans a circus of the highest order.  Never before have we seen this kind of frenzied activity in such a short period of time.

Having said all that, it is one thing to write about it and yet quite another to actually be living it.  A typical scenario would have a player, or in this case a thousand players, packing up their necessities and moving to training camp, most leaving wives and children behind to start the process of moving household belongings and prepare to sell one home and buy another.  But wait!  Two or three days later a deal is made and that player now has to relocate to another city and his wife and family have to change directions and prepare for a different city.

At Sports our hearts go out to the players and their families.  This is going to be a horrendous week for all concerned but we are here to help you.  All of those details involved with relocating can be alleviated simply by calling us and letting us do the work for you.  All you have to do is meet with us, tell us what you need, and then concentrate on packing your belongings.  We will do the rest for you so players can concentrate on their careers and families can concentrate on being with their husbands and dads again.

Give us a call; this is what we are in business for, to help you with the relocation process.

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