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Read the following scenario and then ask yourself if it sounds familiar.  You need to be in New York for a business meeting with your agent and product sponsor at four p.m., so you schedule a flight out of Los Angeles for that same morning, leaving at 8:00 a.m.  No problem, right? It’s a six hour flight max so you have plenty of time so no worries.  Wrong!  You leave your home at five a.m. because you need to be at LAX at six for check-in procedures.  After standing in line, going through security, and checking in your baggage your flight is delayed thirty minutes.  Still seems like you have enough time but that thirty minute delay just made things tight in Dallas where you are scheduled to switch planes for the final leg to New York.

Turns out that second leg of your journey is also delayed, plus your luggage never made it to Dallas, so now you are an hour late for departure without your luggage.  You finally arrive in New York at 4:30 p.m., fight traffic to the hotel and arrive a full two hours late for your meeting.

This scenario is not an isolated incident for anyone who travels a great deal, and it raises a very obvious question: why in the world wouldn’t you charter a private jet and eliminate all the hassles of flying commercial?

Private jet travel has a number of benefits which include:

  • Saving time
  • Flying directly to your destination, on your time schedule
  • Utilization of smaller airports closer to your actual destination
  • Never running late
  • Avoid check-in delays, walking right to your aircraft
  • Luxurious travel with catering
  • VIP Service

We can hear your argument against, the first thing most people say when asked about private jet travel: isn’t it too expensive?  There is no doubt that private charters can be costly, but that cost can be significantly minimized by chartering as a group.  Entertainers and professional athletes oftentimes need to be in the same city for the same meeting, and when the expense of a charter is divided among several parties it becomes reasonable and affordable for all.  And for goodness sake, isn’t a little extra expense better than fighting the boarding lines at the airport and losing your luggage, then having to drive miles to your final destination?

At we can eliminate all of these hassles for you.  We have a working relationship with several private jet charter companies who we trust and who have an excellent track record of service.  This whole process is as simple as giving us a call.  We gather the information and times from you, call our contact at the private chartering service, and the entire situation is handled for you in a matter of minutes.  All you have to do is pack your bag and drive to the airport.  And hey, if you don’t want to drive to the airport we’ll arrange for a limo to pick you up, take you to the private jet, and have a limo waiting for you at your destination to take you to your hotel or meeting.  It really is as simple as that.

Give us a call next time the expected or unexpected trip comes up and let the pros at handle it all for you.

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