- The Coolest Features Of Athletes' Homes

A full-sized football field, a pump that sends different smells throughout the house and a replica of an old western town are a few of the lavish features of houses of famous athletes. Today, ThePostGame takes a look at these and other domestic luxuries of sporting stars.

Walter Jones: The former Seattle Seahawks left guard has a full-sized football field in the backyard of his Alabama home. (What, for all those pickup football games during which he plays left guard?) After looking at the condition of the field, it looks like the groundskeeper is apparently optional.

Tiger Woods: The 14-time major champion doesn't have to travel far to work on his golf game, which is probably a good thing these days. In the backyard of his $60 million house is a practice course featuring one tee box, four greens and multiple sand traps that include three pot bunkers.

Terrell Owens: The Cincinnati Bengals receiver has a full-sized basketball court in his house complete with stands for spectators. But no concession stand with popcorn machine?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: The NASCAR driver built a replica of an old west town on his property, complete with its very own saloon. Earnhardt Jr. doesn't allow pictures to be taken of "Whiskey River," which is named after a Willie Nelson song, so images of those lightweight wooden swing doors and spittoons will have to be left to the imagination. If Earnhardt needs to leave the Old West, he can relax on his six-hole golf course or at the Go Kart track that holds 18 cars.

Floyd Mayweather: His two-story movie theater has a VIP lounge. In his own house. There's a VIP lounge in his own house. The boxer also has a unique aromatic system that pumps pleasant-smelling odors throughout his house, a la luxury hotels. Mayweather, of course, says it smells like money.

Cliff Lee: Would you believe a Jetsons-style garage? At Lee's luxury condo in Philadelphia, residents drop their cars off at the top of a large car elevator, which deposits the vehicles into an underground holding area. When residents want to retrieve the vehicle, they swipe their programmed card while in the condo's elevator and their vehicle will be waiting for them 60 seconds later.

Wilt Chamberlain: The late basketball star had a retractable mirror above his bed.

Written by: Chris Chase

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