- Relocation and Professional Athletes Are Our Business

Relocation and Professional Athletes Are Our Business

We recently shot a YouTube video for our company and it gave us an opportunity to touch base with several professional athletes who were gracious enough to be in our video.  And that led us to reflect on what a unique business this is: daily we meet with the best in professional sports and help them through relocation and in the process lessen their load so they can perform at their highest abilities.  If you would like to see the video go to and check it out.

The sports world is one of constant transition.  For those of us watching it on television at home it appears that professional athletes have got it made: they work out, they play their games, and they live lavish lifestyles.  The average fan is not aware of what goes on behind the scenes, the dramas that play out for most athletes several times during their careers.

Take the NFL for example, but the same can be said for every single professional sport in America.  Today is just another day in the NFL……or is it?  For most teams the first game of the regular season is this Sunday; teams are going through their final preparations for the game, players are going through their pre-game rituals, and fans are primed and ready for a Party Sunday watching their favorite team do battle.

But there is another side that the fans do not see.  Recently the final cuts on rosters occurred, meaning that hundreds of players were cut from teams and then began the search for a new team to play for.  During this final preparation week some players were injured, some left for personal reasons, and some gave up the sport they loved or sought other employment in Europe or Canada.  During the average week in the NFL, and this is during the regular season, there are twelve transactions where players are cut, placed on the injured reserve list, or are traded.

All of this means that relocation is happening constantly in the NFL, and that is just one league.  Major League Baseball is still playing, with twenty games remaining, and call-ups from the minor leagues happening as I write this article.  Soccer is going strong and Hockey is getting ready to start and if this were a normal year the NBA would be in camp preparing for their season, and during all of this players are changing teams and changing homes and that is where Sports springs into action.

If you watch our YouTube video you will see what we do.  We basically take the worry out of relocation.  We handle every aspect of moving to a new city, from selling your previous home to finding you short-term and/or long-term housing in your new city.  We arrange for your possessions to be moved, your vehicles to be transported, and short-term transportation should you need it. We recommend the best in the financial world as well as in real estate and insurance.  We have been doing this for so long that we can anticipate your next question or need before you can verbalize it.

Relocation: it’s what we do!  Professional athletes perform at a level we can’t even imagine.  The pros at Sports perform at a level in the relocation business that others can’t imagine.  Give us a call the next time relocation is a reality for you.

By: Ikem Chukumerije® assists players/coaches of the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs.

The Sports Relocation team is waiting to hear from you. Our primary goal is to assist you with all of the challenges related to transitioning into your new home. Visit us at or call us at 800.783.1421

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