Spring Training Update

Spring Training Update finds the MLB teams less than one week from the regular season.  The first games of the 2017 season begin on April 2nd with the following matchups:

  • Yankees vs Rays
  • Giants vs D-Backs
  • Cubs vs Cardinals

The following day, April 3rd, will find the remainder of the teams in action:

  • Marlins vs Nationals
  • Braves vs Mets
  • Pirates vs Red Sox
  • Rockies vs Brewers
  • Blue Jays vs Orioles
  • Tigers vs White Sox
  • Royals vs Twins
  • Phillies vs Reds
  • Padres vs Dodgers
  • Indians vs Rangers
  • Mariners vs Astros
  • Angels vs Athletics

By this time in the 2017 Spring Training Update, teams are whittled down to about thirty players, with five left to send off to the Minors.  Forty-man rosters have been set, and all the teams are close to being ready.  The Major League players are busy finding temporary housing in their home cities, and the Minor League players are busy trying to find suitable rentals in their new home cities.  You can bet the best of the best on the Minor League baseball teams always have a bag packed in case they get the call and need to report immediately to the MLB team.

Such is life in professional baseball!

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Next week we will discuss the major shakeup in professional football with the announcement of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, and the impact that move will have on both cities.  Just like Los Angeles, Las Vegas is about to experience a new way of life.