The Top Ten Hot U.S. Real Estate Markets

The Top Ten Hot U.S. Real Estate Markets are hot because of one overriding truth in the real estate business today:  supply has never been so low in the U.S. market.  Even during the traditionally slow months of January and February, demand is up simply because there is an increasing scarcity of homes for sale. And if that is true now, as winter comes to an end, what will it mean as spring and summer approach, the traditionally hot times in the real estate world?

Toss in the fact that buyers are getting nervous, what with a shrinking supply and rising interest rates since the election, and it all means that buyers are getting very anxious.

Are you looking to invest in real estate?

The Top Ten Hot Markets is dominated by California, not surprisingly, with eight of the top ten spots.  At the top is San Francisco followed by San Jose, Vallejo, Dallas Texas, San Diego, Sacramento, Yuba City, Denver Colorado, Stockton, and Fresno.

Spots 11-20 consist of Oxnard, Columbus Ohio, Colorado Springs Colorado, Nashville, Detroit, Modesto, Los Angeles, Tampa, Santa Rosa, and Fort Wayne Indiana.

What does it all mean?  There is great uncertainty on the market right now.  The election may have happened almost four months ago, but investors are still a bit skittish regarding real estate, and the Federal Reserve continues to show signs of raising prime rates in the near future.  What we can say, without hesitation, is if you are able to invest in real estate now, and you find quality property in one of the hot real estate markets, do not hesitate to jump all over that deal.

Now is the time!

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