What Happens During Sports Relocation?

The lives of professional athletes and coaches are filled with uncertainty.  Practices, games, press conferences, interviews... From day to day, they never know how these things are going to turn out, and they’re all too aware that their careers depend on the outcomes.  Players are regularly traded and released, and for good or bad, sports relocations are a very real part of their life.  No matter which league they play in--NHL, NFL, MLB or NBA--pro athletes are well aware that a sudden move may be just around the corner.  Since they can’t just put their lives on hold, what do they do when faced with a sudden requirement to relocate?

Sports Relocations Aren’t Simple

What happens during the sports relocation process depends a great deal on who they have to help them through the process.  Relocating isn’t a simple process for anyone, much less for men and women whose lives and schedules are dictated by the demands of their teams, owners, leagues, agents and sponsors.

When a player and his or her family are uprooted, all of the business that takes place in ordinary circumstances needs to happen, but on a much larger scale and a tighter time frame. Their belongings need to be packed away and the old home cleaned, staged for showing and sold.  A new one needs to be found, negotiated upon, purchased and furnished, often without the opportunity for much personal input from the player.  All of this must happen while the player must negotiate new contracts and deal with the ever-present press corp.  None of this is simple--unless the player has help.

Professional Assistance with Sports Relocation

Professional athletes and entertainers rely on a sports relocation agency like http://www.SportsRelocation.com to handle the details for them.  A member of the agency acts as the athlete’s personal representative during the entire relocation process.  This person facilitates the athlete’s transfer to a new city by negotiating the sale of the old home, handling the purchase of new real estate, securing financing through the most appropriate lender, and working with the player’s team of agents, financial advisers and family to make sure that the transition is a smooth one.

Customized Service for Professional Athletes

Of course, not every athlete’s needs are going to be precisely the same.  That is why at http://www.SportsRelocation.com, we offer an elite service that tends to the individual needs of every single one of our high-profile clients.  Before we begin even the routine tasks involved in relocating sports stars, we listen to the client and determine how we can meet the player’s particular and unique needs.  We ensure that we know precisely what the athlete is looking for, then we develop a game plan to ensure a seamless transition into the player’s new life.

Attempting a relocation without professional help is chaotic at best, and can be a disaster at worst.  The http://www.SportsRelocation.com team is here to remove the stress and burdens from pro athletes and their families, freeing their time to pursue their love of the game.

By: Ikem Chukumerije, CEO & Founder, http://www.SportsRelocation.com


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