Relocation checklist realities must be taken into consideration at all times if you have a job which might require sudden transfers or relocation.  Worst case scenario, you are a professional athlete facing player relocation who has just been traded and who must report to a new team in two days.  Best case scenario you have a couple weeks to complete the relocation.

Let’s take a look at a very realistic scenario.

You get a call.  You must relocate to another city.  Your relocation checklist looks something like this:

  • Find a moving company

  • Sell or store your vehicle

  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected

  • Organize health and insurance changes

  • Find temporary living accommodations in new city

  • Set up new bank account in new city

  • Pack all essential items

  • Arrange for transport to airport

  • Upon arrival, settle into temporary accommodations

  • Arrange for internet service

  • Acclimate yourself with new city

  • Find new conveniences in new city

  • Set up utilities in new home

  • If you have children, find new schools and pediatric care

  • Arrange for new transportation

  • Arrange for other items left behind to be transported

That’s just for starters!

And if you are a professional athlete, you have about forty-eight hours to do it all.

Or you can arrange for a relocation expert to handle it all for you.

The choice between those two options seems pretty obvious to us.

Let the professionals handle it, the athlete relocation experts,  and concentrate on the job at hand.

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