NFL transactions are happening constantly as the rest of us go about our daily lives.  Just this past weekend, in the span of 48 hours, twenty-one players experienced the harsh reality of life in the NFLand their lives were greatly affected.

Nine teams, twenty-one transactions, in 48 hours . . . one weekend . . . with two more weeks to go before each teams must whittle their rosters from 90 players to fifty-three.  If that same pace of transactions happens over the next fourteen days, we will see another 150 transactions happening over that time, 150 transactions which will directly affect the lives of veteran players, rookie players, and hopefuls trying to snag a spot and a part of a dream.

And each of those NFL transactions means upheaval in the form of transporting players and belongings.  Each of those transactions means a phone call home, to family, to wife, to children, explaining where the next postal drop will be and where “home” will be for the next few weeks, months, or longer.

This is the life of a professional athlete. It is being played out across this country, daily, in a hundred different cities for a hundred different teams.  It is a life of uncertainty, insecurity, and dreams fulfilled.  Some players will realize their dream and live it for five or ten years. Some will realize it and live it for five or ten days.  Some will never realize it.

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