Top College Quarterbacks to watch in 2017 are many.  This may well be the best year for quarterbacks in college in quite a long time, and you better believe the pros are paying close attention.  Let’s face it, in the NFL, there really are only five or six elite quarterbacks.  After that the fall to the second tier is a long one, so there are probably twenty-five teams very interested in the 2017 crop of college quarterbacks.

Let’s take a look at, arguably, the Top Five in the Class of 2017.

Josh Rosen, UCLA . . . Rosen is a junior this year, thus eligible for the 2018 Draft, and although he is still considered a first-round pick, his numbers have fallen short of what was expected when he came out of high school.  His draft status could improve drastically if he would lead UCLA to a meaningful season which included a major bowl game.

Sam Donald, USC . . . If you are looking for a consensus #1 at this position, Donald is it.  All he has done so far is win, and while winning he has shown a flair for improvisation and leadership.  He has all the tools the pros love plus that indefinable ability to step up to the next level when called upon to do so.

Lamar Jackson, Louisville . . . All Jackson has done so far is win the Heisman Trophy and produced 51 touchdowns, and yet he hasn’t convinced anyone of his abilities when translated to the NFL.  In many ways he’s a lot like Jake Browning of Washington: eye-popping stats and yet illogical questions about his individual talent.  Go figure!  What you can figure on is Jackson being drafted in the first round of 2018, barring a major injury.

Josh Allen, Wyoming . . . here is a kid who was not recruited by any major college, who attended junior college, and who racked up some impressive numbers at a less-than-impressive Wyoming school, and yet he is being touted as a Top Ten pick in 2018.  Time will tell where the hype ends and the talent begins.

J.T. Barrett, Ohio State . . . is this a question of natural ability or being in the perfect system for his skill set?  Playing for Ohio State will elevate you to unearthly levels if you have a modicum of talent, so 2017 is a pivotal year for Barrett.  He was the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, so obviously he has game.

And yes, there are many more top college quarterbacks . . . Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma, the aforementioned Jake Browning, Jalen Hurts of Alabama . . . and the list goes on.  It is entirely possible that six or seven quarterbacks of the top college quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round of the 2018 Draft.  How many of them go on to stellar NFL careers is anyone’s guess.

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